Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen

Hej, I am glad to meet you here. I'm a Product Manager, Entreprenuer and Optimist living in Berlin. I believe in a better tomorrow by creating digital products and experience with a lasting impact.

Fred | Achieve your goals

Achieve your goals with Fred. Fred is your dedicated app to set and track your goals. By adding actionable steps to your goals you will always have a plan on how to achieve your goals. If you need some inspiration for your next goal you can explore the goal gallery, where you can add predefined best practice goals.

iOS App.
Developed in SWIFTUI & SWIFT based on Supabase
AI powered best practice goals.
Fred's goal gallery with best practice goals is powered by ChatGPT

Sunny Days Ahead

Every wondered, whats the best and sunniest location for your next vacation? I got you covered. Based on the climate datasets of this world, Sunny Days Ahead will guide you to the cities with the maxium sunshine and thus best vibes.

iOS App.
Developed in SWIFT for the sun-lovers of tomorrow.
Build in Public.
Coming in Q4 2023, follow the journey on Instagram.


Mateo is an all-in-one messaging suite for small and medium sized businesses in Germany. We have created one of the first WhatsApp Business API solutions in Germany and are now serving more than 1000 customers with our product.

WhatsApp for SMBs.
One of the first all-in-one messaging suites for SMBs in Germany.
Product Market Fit.
Scaled the company to 140+ clients.
Interstellar Team.
Build an interdisciplinary team of 10.


The first mobile app my co-founder Timo and me developed in early 2019. We established the first people focused co-living solution which we grew to 200 monthly active users in the first two weeks after launch.

iOS & Android App.
Launched an iOS & Android App
Customer Centricity.
Reached 200+ weekly active users and 5 star app store raiting.
First VC funding.
Got funding from a pre-seed VC.


My personal photo website, where you find my latest shots and cities I have captured with my camera

Licence free photos.
Explore my adventures and download those photos for whatever you make.